Feminists and Privilege of Exceptions

 by Denys Picard   June 13 2018 (Note: I Originally wrote this article in late November 2017....I tried to publish it many times, it would not work. This was on my original blog dethinkxify.wordpress.com. I was finally able to publish in March of 2018. But rapidly, hackers erased all the Bibliography, which I had to recreate. I … Continue reading Feminists and Privilege of Exceptions


Americas Gluttony and Nutrition Fact Labels

  By Denys Picard (Originally posted November 2016 on dethinkxify.wordpress.com) IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before you read this article, keep in mind I am not a medical professional, I am self read. I do not give medical advice. I am not promoting any products. Some suggested litterature may somewhat promote either pharmacological products or nutritional products. I … Continue reading Americas Gluttony and Nutrition Fact Labels

Why is North Korea so important

This is a lttle comment I posted in September 2017 on Breibart I believe, concerning the big interest surrounding North Korea from American Political leadership. There is lots of theater going on here. by Denys Picard, June 12 2018 The whole Nuclear spectacle appear to be Pentagon sponsored fireworks to create the climate of fear … Continue reading Why is North Korea so important